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Chcialby awansowac do Pendulum Crew
Chcialby awansowac do Pendulum Crew

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Hello Peep's! nexgenmusicgroup (dot) com

Yes! It's finally arrived!

Getting a much needed facelift isn't the only thing we've been cooking up over the past several months. Along with our new look and feel NexGen is delighted to announce the arrival of a few new faces, new roles & titles, and new partnerships. Needless to say we're absolutely ecstatic about adding an injection of fresh new talent and strategic expertise to the label.

As a show of our appreciation we're also giving away a coupon code that will get you 25% off of any order in our store (digital & physical) Please use the coupon code 'NEXGEN08' when you checkout. We also have a ton of freebies in our new store! nexgenmusicgroup (dot) com / store

New Artists:

Introducing: Neveready from Helsinki, Finland (Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Breaks & Broken Beat); Faible from Vienna, Austria (Drum & Bass); Iriann Joyce from Maracaibo, Venezuela (Vocalist, Drum & Bass); Alternate Force from Peterborough, UK (Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Dubstep); Physical Illusion from Kiev, Ukraine (Drum & Bass); and Sunny Crimea from Kerch, Ukraine (Drum & Bass).

New Releases:

Neveready: 'Rejections' LP - Digital & Limited Edition Vinyl Sampler (Downtempo / Trip-Hop / Breaks)
TKR:'Highway Patrol' LP - Digital (Dubstep / Ambient Dubstep)
mSdoS / Brokendrum / Kyro / Static:- 'City of Soul / Spring Fever (Remix) / Flesh' - Digital (Drum & Bass)
Alternate Force: 'Close Encounter' EP - Digital (Downtempo / Trip-Hop / Dubstep)
COMING SOON! Various Artists: 'I-Soulation LP' - Digital (Downtempo / Trip-Hop / Breaks)

Listen, buy and enjoy!

Thank you for your continued love and support for our music
NexGen Music Group

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